,ad8888ba,   88                                                               888b      88  88                                                               
 d8"'    `"8b  88                                                               8888b     88  ""                                                               
d8'            88                                                               88 `8b    88                                                                   
88             88,dPPYba,    ,adPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  ,adPPYba,  8b       d8      88  `8b   88  88  8b,dPPYba,  8b       d8   ,adPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  ,adPPYYba,  
88             88P'    "8a  a8P_____88  a8P_____88  I8[    ""  `8b     d8'      88   `8b  88  88  88P'   "Y8  `8b     d8'  a8"     "8a  I8[    ""  ""     `Y8  
Y8,            88       88  8PP"""""""  8PP"""""""   `"Y8ba,    `8b   d8'       88    `8b 88  88  88           `8b   d8'   8b       d8   `"Y8ba,   ,adPPPPP88  
 Y8a.    .a8P  88       88  "8b,   ,aa  "8b,   ,aa  aa    ]8I    `8b,d8'        88     `8888  88  88            `8b,d8'    "8a,   ,a8"  aa    ]8I  88,    ,88  
  `"Y8888Y"'   88       88   `"Ybbd8"'   `"Ybbd8"'  `"YbbdP"'      Y88'         88      `888  88  88              "8"       `"YbbdP"'   `"YbbdP"'  `"8bbdP"Y8  

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- - New 8 Hour Space Ambient Album "Ethereal Material" Released - -

Cheesy Nirvosa started recording mashed-potato style glitch psychadelia in 2006. Maturing in sound for more than a year Cheesy Nirvosa finally started releasing albums in the summer of 2007.

Cheesy Nirvosa's homefried beats break from traditional cycles and regularity. The sound aims more for confusion than melody, often favoring some that sounds particularly out of place than a tune which syncopates expectedly. Variation in Cheesy Nirvosa's hypnotic form varies from breakcore glitch to the truly mellow sounds of tonal vibrations and binaural beats. This isn't noise music, this isn't anything thats quite like anything. Which is exactly Cheesy Nirvosa's goal with his music, to get you thinking, to break listeners out of the mold of what they thought music had to be.

Beginning in the spring and summer of 2009 Cheesy Nirvosa has taken his music in a more ambient direction. While still retaining much of the chaotic types of sound he developed with previous albums, Cheesy Nirvosa's Audible Prolapse is a fresh, new, sometimes more mellow brand of his style of hypnotica. From 2012 and to the present he has been focusing mostly on his YouTube channel where composes longform space and scifi ambience.


Album Downloads:

Ethereal Material (Download)
Ethereal Material

Ethereal Material (Tracks)
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Software Engineering (Download)
Software Engineering

Software Engineering (Tracks)
Stream on Bandcamp
borborygmi (Download)

borborygmi (Tracks)
Audible Prolapse (Download)
Audible Prolapse

Audible Prolapse (Tracks)
Urine Sane (Download)
Urine Sane

Urine Sane (Tracks)

Artichoked (Download)

Artichoked (Tracks)

Compilation and Remix Albums:

Inspired by or featuring Cheesy Nirvosa.

A Turd Kind of Reality (Download)
A Turd Kind of Reality

A Turd Kind of Reality (Tracks)
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Passing The Blood Brain Barrier (Download)
Passing The Blood Brain Barrier The LSDXM Experience

The LSDXM Experience (Tracks)

Plain Division vs. Cheesy Nirvosa (Download)
Passing The Blood Brain Barrier The LSDXM Experience

Galactic Ghost Hi-fi Tickoramas (Tracks)

Embrace The Singularity (Download)
The LSXDM Compilation 2

Embrace The Singularity (Tracks)


Cheesy Nirvosa - Rain
Cheesy Nirvosa - Frogs and Crickets

- 2015 Cheesy Nirvosa -

email: crysknife007@gmail.com